Lab Mascots

  • Freyja Louise

    -I am a 3.5 year old German Shepherd full of energy and love.
    -I am obsessed with my dad, John.
    -I love my toys particularly my frisbees.
    -I love to snuggle with my mom, Sarah.

  • gaia

    -I am a 5 year old bunny.
    -I like my mom, Sarah.
    -I like to get scratches.
    -I love to eat snacks and I will destroy my cage if I don't get ‘enough’ treats every day with breakfast or my bedtime snacks!

  • Lyra


    -I love getting into every box.
    -I love playing with my brother.
    -I am always begging for snacks.
    -I love to long naps on the bed.

  • Ananzi (zz)


    -I love to climb on everything and get up higher.
    -I love to go on long walks in my stroller and take car rides.
    -I am always up for cuddling on the couch.

  • Rolo

    -I get super excited on seeing humans
    -I love running in doggo parks
    -I love getting mud baths
    -I love to see my vet.